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Sea container shipping

Sea container shipping – cooperation, confirmed by experience

International shipment in containers is the optimal way of cargo delivery to any point of our planet.

Logistics Company Intermodal Express operates in all popular areas of transportation, as well as cooperating with the main ports of Ukraine and the whole world.

Морские контейнерные перевозки

Benefits of working with
Intermodal Express

Marine transport from the US and other countries means a complete security of the cargo,
as well as the exclusion of access of third parties to the cargoes.
Transportation in modern containers
has a few significant advantages:

Low cost of the service
Reliable sealing
Possibility to order specialized shipping container
Fluid transportation in tank containers
Optimization of loading and unloading operations time
Placing of homogeneous cargoes to a single container
Minimum costs and maximum safety of cargo packaging
Ability to deliver small consignments
Cargoes of different senders can be accommodated in one container. This can significantly reduce the cost of transportation.

We like to solve complex tasks

We transport “turnkey” cargoes and give a guarantee for performance of our obligations.

Timeliness and accuracy

Sea shipping from America, Canada and other countries is timeliness and accuracy. Your product arrives at its destination at the right, stipulated in the contract time.


Safe and careful transportation. We are responsible for the safety of the goods from the country of origin to the destination.


Flexible approach to each customer. We decide all contingencies instantly, immediately respond to the comments and suggestions of customers.

Constant communication

Constant communication with the customer. On the route we control the goods whereabouts and inform client about its movement. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For a variety of cargoes,
we offer different types of containers:

Морские контейнерные перевозки

standard 20’ or 40’, high cube containers, flatrack or open top

Морские контейнерные перевозки

40’ hard top

Морские контейнерные перевозки

20’ or 40’ refrigerators

Drop the competitor’s offer
and we will make cheaper

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The process of works

Making an order for sea freight
Conclusion of an agreement
Cargo transportation and customer information
Delivery to the designated point

Shipping cost for each cargo
has its own price

  • Any customer is always interested in the question, what determines the delivery charges of the container from the US or other countries. First of all, it is destination (place of
    origin and place of delivery). Then the number and types of containers for the entire product are calculated, considering all types of transportation, such as transport to the port,
    transportation by water, delivery from the port in Ukraine to any city by truck.
  • Our excellent partnership with ports and long-term cooperation with different services give an opportunity to our customers to make exclusive interesting offers. In this case, the
    freight cost is significantly reduced, and the customer receives a weighty advantage.
  • We also optimize rates for transportation by ground transport. Our logistics experts think through the most profitable route using fuel-efficient cars. Scheme of movement of the goods
    in is monitored by operators in 24 hours mode all the way.
  • Transportations from America is the ability to deliver to the desired point of Ukraine cargoes of different categories: agricultural equipment, construction machinery, fertilizers,
    food, medicine, petroleum, vehicles, miscellaneous equipment, etc. We are coping well with our obligations and fulfill our mission perfectly – hundred percent customer

Our services are perfected
by long practice and great desire
to get improved in our field:

High level of care and responsibility
Individual approach to each client
Partnership development
Prompt resolution of possible unforeseen situations
  • We understand that high-quality shipments from the US, Canada, China and other countries are the foundation of our reputation and the company’s future.
  • We execute the constant monitoring of the transport market over the sea, raise the professionalism of the staff through participation in international projects and plan every step that we need to do.
  • Contacting the Intermodal Express, you get a “door-to-door” service, the most favorable offer for transport, communication with polite managers and timely delivery.

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