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The US car market, today, offers some of the cheapest prices for vehicles. Among the products for export, cars have become leaders. This is due to the excellent quality of cars, reasonable prices, long service life of the car. But it is quite difficult and not profitable to buy and deliver a car from the United States on your own. With the help of our company “intermodal Express” You can easily buy a car. After all, we take care of the purchase, maintenance and delivery of the car.

Intermodal Express makes the car delivery process efficient and easy. We meet all customer expectations. Extensive experience in the field of transport and logistics services allows us to solve absolutely all problems that may arise in the process of cargo delivery. Our customers can not worry about the safety of their purchase. In addition, during the delivery process, we inform the customer and the location of the cargo. We provide the following delivery services:

  • Cargo transportation.
  • Aviatransportations.
  • Shipping.
  • Export of cars.
  • Shipment of goods.

We deliver to your specified destination quickly enough.

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