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Delivery of consolidated cargoes (LCL cargoes)

Freight service of
consolidated cargoes

Nowadays freight service for consolidated cargoes is one of the most attractive services provided by “Intermodal Express” company for the customers.

The money-saving
way of transportation

This service allows you to deliver the cargo in small batches on a regular basis, together with cargoes of other beneficiaries, as a part of one vehicle (car or container). You have to pay only for the space occupied by your cargo, rather than the entire transport as a whole. This way of delivery allows you to optimize the transportation costs, making it more economical and safe.

However, this type of shipment is appropriate in that case, if the size of your cargo does not exceed 15 cubic meters, and does not occupy the space of less than 0.3 cubic meters. If the size of your cargo is small (less than 0.3 cubic meters), lcl service will be less attractive for you than the express delivery of cargoes.

Our company offers its own regular service for the delivery of consolidated cargoes in containers from US to Europe. It will help to reduce transportation costs, but the most important thing that it does not increase the transit time compared to the full container shipments (FCL).

LCL service includes
the following:

Pick-up of your cargo from the shipper’s warehouse and shipping it to our nearest consolidated warehouse in the US;
Storage services:
-packaging and labeling of the cargoes (if necessary);
-long-term and short-term storage in a customs warehouse;
-and cargo insurance if indeed;
The concentration and accumulation of cargoes at our own warehouses and warehouses of our partners;
Loading cargo into container and preparation of shipping documents;
Organization of sea freight transportation in the consolidated container to the ports of Ukraine or Europe, in particular to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany;
Monitoring of the cargo movement in the consolidated container to the port of destination;
Unloading and disbanding of the container, loading the cargo into the truck;
Customer’s notification of the cargo arrival;
Cargo delivery to the warehouse of the consignee within a consolidated or individual car to the place of destination;
Feedback from the Customer.

In Germany

A separate advantage of the “Intermodal Express” is the ability to deliver and processing of consolidated containers in customs warehouses in the port of Bremerhaven where we have reliable partners.

Transit time from any US port to the port of Bremerhaven is approximately 14 days, thus, the service is optimal for small shipments and allows you to organize an efficient, economical and fast delivery of the cargoes in the consolidated container.

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