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Customs clearance

Today, the issue of customs clearance of vehicles is quite acute. This is due to constant changes in Ukrainian legislation in this area. If you approach this issue responsibly, prepare all the necessary documents, pay all fees, then the process of customs clearance of a car from the United States can go very quickly.

The company “intermodal Express” offers you assistance in customs clearance of cars from the United States. Our specialists know all the legal nuances and can independently deal with customs clearance, thus saving Your time. An integral part of the transaction for customs clearance of a car is its certification on the territory of Ukraine.

Fast and hassle-free customs clearance of cars from the USA is one of the main activities of our company. We closely monitor the legislation in the field of customs clearance and carry out transactions exclusively on the basis of current laws. We accompany the client at all stages of customs clearance of cars and are responsible for the results of their work. Our clients can be sure that the customs clearance process will be carried out at a professional level and with the lowest cost of money.

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