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Intermodal Express provides an extensive lending program for its clients together with banks. You have the opportunity to purchase a car from the United States on credit on suitable terms for You. What benefits does our client get from buying a car from the United States on credit?

  • The car will be Yours. A car is not a collateral, so it can no longer be alienated. Previously, various companies provided services for buying cars on credit, but, in fact, the car was owned by the Bank until the end of the repayment of the required amount.
  • Security. It happens that the buyer is worried about the amount of collateral that the auction requires. In this case, you can apply for a loan and car delivery service by intermodal Express. In addition, You will be able to repay the loan ahead of time when the car is already in Ukraine. You will be absolutely sure that the money was paid exactly as intended.
  • Save money. Despite the fact that any purchase on credit involves an overpayment, buying a car from the United States on credit will cost significantly less than such an acquisition on the Ukrainian market.

If you can not immediately buy a car you like from the United States, we recommend using a loan on optimal terms for You.

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