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Auto check

When buying a car from the United States, You should be sure of the transparent history of a particular vehicle. The company “intermodal Express” checks cars for many parameters. We use all possible verification methods to ensure that the buyer is calm about the condition of the car and the future purchase. This minimizes future auto repairs.

First, the General information about the car is checked. Simply put, the General characteristics of the car are checked and attention is drawn to significant points. Information about the car owner is checked separately. Here we set not only the owner or owners, but also the year of purchase of the car, the period of ownership, operating conditions, mileage for the year (approximate). We can easily identify unscrupulous owners who want to hide car damage or real mileage.

It is very important to check the history of the car – whether there were any incidents with the vehicle, accidents, etc. In addition, experts will analyze possible damage to the car before buying. Our professionals also check the documents for the car in order for the transaction to be legally competent and in accordance with the current legislation.

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