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Agricultural machinery from the United States

Delivery of agricultural equipment from the US is a difficult task for beginners in the field of freight forwarding and shipping. Intermodal Express LLC perfectly copes with this complex process, solving all the questions on the optimal selection of transport, choosing the best route, registration of all documentation, fast customs clearance, etc.

Equipment from America - the reasons for the popularity

Equipment market of agriculture in America has long been overwhelmed.

Farming activities in that country are developed at a high level, therefore equipment is constantly being improved, displacing units of even two years ago.

Agricultural equipment from the US, the cost of which is now lower than in Europe, attracts buyers all over the world for its benefits.

Сельхозтехника из США

Great quality. Great Plains, John Deere, Kinze – these companies are well-known in the domestic market, as well as the best imported equipment models for farms.

Independent diagnosis and receiving a full report from the dealer.

Possibility of your equipment at the right price.

High level of exploitation.

Storage only in covered hangars that allows you to save new machinery and equipment from the secondary market.

Agricultural equipment from America – delivery price is calculated by Intermodal Express managers with the selection of the most favorable tariffs for the customer.

Delivery of any machines
for farms

Intermodal Express LLC offers transportation of your cargoes from the US and Canada through Ukrainian and European ports. Odessa, Chernomorsk, Gdansk, Bremerhaven and Hamburg will accept any agricultural machinery:

and seeders

Mowers and
sowing machines

Tractors and

and trailers

Equipment for the mechanization of livestock and cotton cleaning

and seeders

Mowers and
sowing machines

Tractors and

and trailers

Equipment for the mechanization of livestock and cotton cleaning

Each cargo from the US requires its own individual calculation, route planning and transport conditions. In Intermodal Express experienced professionals dealing with these issues for many years, who make all thoughtfully, coherently, with well-established scheme.

Combined transportation
of any cargo

If you need agricultural machinery, you can buy it yourself, but leave the question of transportation for professionals who will make it profitable and in the shortest time. While delivering heavy machinery, logistics experts of the company build multi-modal chains, using different types of transport.

First agricultural equipment from a warehouse or auction is delivered to the port by ground transport, and then it gets loaded on board of the ship. As soon as cargo from the US arrives to the destination, the machines are unloaded and ferried to the place of delivery.

The process of transportation and delivery of agricultural equipment

Delivery of farm machinery from America to Ukrainian cities is a service that is provided by Intermodal Express LLC without any problems for the customer. Transportation of equipment is carried out under the scheme approved by the logisticians and agreed with the client.

Machinery transportation in the US and Canada is carried out by our employees working in those countries. They prepare all documents, solve all the questions with time, route, transport selection and delivery to the port.
For sending by sea to Ukraine, the large equipment is delivered by trawls followed by reloading in the 40 foot fletrek container – a platform that does not have side walls and roof. Platform length is 12 meters, and its shape allows transporting oversized cargoes of irregular width, height and weight. During such transportation machinery wheels are removed, and the containers are placed below deck. Advantages – economy and protection of equipment from corrosion. Transit time for the transport from the US ports to ports of Ukraine takes about 30 days.
Delivery of agricultural equipment from the US ports to German ports is carried out by the Ro-Ro method. Self-propelled agricultural equipment is rolled onto cargo ships on its own, or with the help of roll-track in horizontal position through the hinged ship aft. The main and reliable shipping companies, which offer high quality service in Germany, are Kline, Hoegh Avtoliner, NYK, ACL. Transportation cost depends on the size of equipment – length, width, height. Transit time of delivery from the US ports to German ports takes only 10-14 days.
Upon arrival in the ports of Ukraine or Germany, machinery is rolled out to the shore by the same method and loaded onto trucks that deliver it to the desired point. Our company will help you to overload your machinery in the European ports onto the car, arrange the transit documents (T1, construction and installation work, etc.) and deliver your goods to your warehouse.

Intermodal Express cooperates only with the most reliable, tested shipping companies, which are trusted to deliver goods from the US and other countries with clients all over the world.

you can trust!

All the staff of Intermodal Express is a united team that works on the final result. The company values its customers, and knows that its reputation depends on the quality of services provided to the customer.

Shipping from America is carried out not by one person, but by the great team of professionals, each of which performs its task fairly. All employees regularly pass certification, participate in training courses, attend seminars and constantly monitor the shipment market, to keep abreast of news in the field of logistics.

How we calculate
the tariffs?

You need agricultural equipment from the US – the delivery price will be calculated taking into account several parameters:

the country and city from whence you need ship the cargo, and the final destination
cargo weight and volume
additional parameters that manager may request
type of transportation, number of ferried equipment

Delivery of seeders, tractors and other equipment from the US with Intermodal Express is very profitable solution. You will definitely save your money as cargo delivery will be made without additional transit stops and overloads.


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Advantages of cooperation
with Intermodal Express

Delivery of harvester from the US, the cost and period of exploitation is beneficial for the customer, it begins within a specified time right after registration of necessary documents.

There are 10 benefits that predispose the customer’s choice in the direction of Intermodal Express LLC:

  • flexible financial policy, loyal prices;
  • well-developed partner network;
  • opening additional directions;
  • quality service and professional team;
  • own offices in the US and Canada;
  • individual work and the calculation of transport costs with each customer;
  • the prices which customers love and competitors don’t;
  • cargo tracking all along the way;
  • possibility to keep in touch with managers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • quick resolution of unforeseen problems, regardless of time or day of the week;

Before delivering the harvesters from the US or Canada, price is negotiated beforehand over the phone.

The final cost is stated in the process of signing the contract and does not change in the future. Conclude profitable contracts with Intermodal Express, get free advice, and become a regular customer to enjoy interesting financial offers.

No risks, optimal logistics system, assistance in the clearance of cargoes.

Call us our managers are sociable and friendly, you will like them with the first word!

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