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  freight forwarding company

Intermodal Express - is an international freight forwarding company, which is a representative an American company Atlantic Express Corp.

Our company was established in 2013. The list of the services thats we provide includes delivery of cargo from door to door as a complex multistep process. Cargo shipments can combine multiple types of transport such as rail, road, sea and air. We can offer to our clients a full range of services for the delivery, freight forwarding, warehousing and customs clearance of their cargo. The high quality of logistics and transportation services is provided through direct contracts with the major carriers, warehouses, shipping lines, which ensure uninterrupted cargo delivery and timeliness of shipments.

The nomenclature of cargoes that can be transported by “Intermodal Express” is represented by containers, agricultural machinery, cars and other goods.

Intermodal Express is among the leaders in organizing the transportation of bulky and heavy cargo from the United States.
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Buying a car from the USA

Our specialists with many years of experience know how Avoid all the risks and buy a car as profitable as possible.

Container shipping

International transport in containers is the most optimal way to deliver cargo to anywhere in the world.

Agricultural machinery from the USA

Agricultural equipment from the United States, whose cost today is lower than European, attracts buyers around the world with its advantages.

International air transportation

Air transportation with Intermodal Express means economical tariffs, quality service and cargo control along the route from the starting point to the point of arrival.

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Our experts with many years of experience know how to avoid all risks and buy a car as profitably as possible.

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